Husband and Wife Team

Mike and Krystal Dooley. Married July 4 2022. Looking for a business they could do together, with Mikes experience with Amsoil, and passion for motorsports, it seemed like a perfect fit. This way they could spend more time together and with their family. Mike has 2 children from a previous marriage that live with him and Krystal full time.


Mike has a background in IT, and has been a successful truck driver for 8 years, 2 of which were spent training, and 6 as an owner operator. Mike ven had more than one truck with employees at one point, until rates went down, and fuel costs skyrocketted. Mike did labratory testing on his oil at regular intervals, and had been using a high end synthetic oil, and decided to give Amsoil a shot. Mike always used testing to determine when to change his oil. With Amsoil Mike was about to exceed 250 thousand miles on a single oil change in his 500 Horsepower 2016 Freightliner.


Krystal has experience as an EMT in Detroit, and as a flagger, so she has seen both sides of the coin. However her biggest claim to fame is as a 9 year Army Veteran, in Michigan and in NC at Ft Bragg. Krystal was due to be sent overseas to the combsat zone, but an injury shortly before deployment kept her stateside. Krystal has no children of her own but loves her stepchildren dearly. Krystal comes from a car family, her father having worked for General Motors for over 30 years.